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A study of my spectacular failure last year concludes that breaking the motorcycle
record of 96 hours, one minute from Prudhoe Bay,
Alaska to Key West, Florida is very attainable.
Therefore, I have no choice other than to try again.

To this end, friends and supporters have arranged a
fundraiser lunch in New Brunswick, New Jersey, on
Saturday, May 2nd. Evelyn’s Restaurant will provide a
buffet of both carnivorous and vegetarian dishes, as
well as a cash bar, from 1 to 5PM.

Evelyn’s Restaurant & Bar
45 Easton Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Bob Higdon will supply caustic wisdom, and Melissa
Pierson, author of “The Perfect Vehicle – What It is
About Motorcycles”, will have signed copies of her book
available. A trophy will be awarded to the long
distance rider.

Tickets will cost $100 per person. They can be
purchased, and donations to the effort in any amount
can be made through PayPal, by sending money to

Thank you, and best regards,
John Ryan

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One Comment

  1. JFR!


    I’m glad to see one of my college friends make something of himself.

    Time for the drum solo


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